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"I purchased 2 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP's and have rented them many times in the past prior to buying. I can't fault them for their construction, ease of use and flexibility ..."
Olly Hitchman, 09/04/2015
"Red 10'6" Great board, looking forward to giving it a proper run out."
Tom Wakeford, 27/03/2015
"Great selection of boards."
Rupert Vidion, 27/03/2015
"Red 10'6""
Phil, 20/03/2015
Live2Flow, 18/03/2015
"Red 10'8" Ride Just received the much awaited package, and although not yet out on the water (Scotland!), it all looks wonderful!! As a young person in an old geezer's body ..."
Richard B, 14/03/2015
"10'6 board looks great. It came well packaged (the bag is really good). Pump is great - board was inflated in no time and board is excellent quality. I'm really happy with the ..."
PJ, 04/03/2015
"Board bundles are great and priced very well. I ordered 2 Red Paddle Co 11' Sports with upgraded paddles and can wait to get out and use them."
Scott, 04/03/2015
Sok, 27/02/2015
"Red 10'6" Ride"
Jem , 26/02/2015
"10,6 Red ride last year 11' Red sport now "
Mark, 23/02/2015
"After length research looking for an inflatable SUP I landed on wanting a Red AllWater. Purchasing this through SUP Inflatables was really easy. They had a great range of ..."
Chris, 19/02/2015
"red padlle explorer"
mauricio, 19/02/2015
"Great website - really good range & competitive pricing"
Amanda A, 17/02/2015
"I am very pleased with my Naish Alana 10'6, its a great board and the colours are just girly enough without being over the top"
Jackie, 14/02/2015
96 /100

Based on 34 reviews

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Inflatable SUP specialists. We are an online Inflatable SUP Shop that specialises in inflatable paddleboards. Visit our Info Zone to narrow down your choice of Inflatable SUP Board or SUP Paddle and to learn more about all that is SUP. We stock a wide range of Inflatable SUP Boards from the best brands including Red Paddle Co, JP SUP, Mistral SUP, Starboard SUP, Fanatic SUP and RRD SUP. With a huge variety of SUP Paddles, wetsuits and accessories like GoPro we really have got it all covered. For expert advice please feel free to Contact Us any time.